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Food business entrepreneurs who do not file for a food registration licence risk a maximum 6-month prison sentence as well as a licencing penalty of up to Rs. 5 lakhs for doing business illegally.

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Registration Form

  • Name of Person

  • Email Id

  • Mobile No.

  • Name of Business


  1. Name of Person : Fill the name of Person according to official documents.आधिकारिक दस्तावेजों के अनुसार व्यक्ति का नाम भरें।

  2. Email Id : Fill registered email id of business. व्यवसाय या व्यक्तिगत की पंजीकृत ईमेल आईडी भरें

  3. Mobile No : Fill Mobile No.मोबाइल नंबर भरें

  4. Name of Business : Fill the name of business according to official documents.आधिकारिक दस्तावेजों के अनुसार व्यवसाय का नाम भरें।

Procedure for fssai registration certificate

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An Overview for FSSAI Registration

One of India's emerging commercial sectors is the food industry. Due to this encouraging growth, a number of new business owners have chosen the food industry. In this day and age of consumer awareness, the majority of people prefer to consume only high-quality food that has been deemed safe. The FSSAI mark on menus and booklets boosts your food business image and encourages patrons to trust your brand. It is essential to maintain the caliber of the food and the cleanliness standards of the food business.

To open a food business, you must first obtain FSSAI Registration, Food Safety Registration, or a license, according to the food safety standard authority of India (FSSAI).

Considering opening a food business in your area. Looking for the ideal food license expert to obtain your FSSAI food license? The team at fssai food license is aware of your requirement and is ready to assist you.

Importance of FSSAI registration

1. FSSAI License ensures the food quality at your food business in addition to legal considerations.

2. In this age of increased consumer awareness, the majority of consumers today prefer to consume only high-quality foods that have been deemed safe.

3. The FSSAI logo on menus and booklets improves your food business’s reputation and the patrons' faith in your brand.

4. The standardization of your food business’s kitchen operations and commercial growth are both facilitated by FSSAI Registration.

5. Only food business that match the requirements in the back-end design established by the authority are granted an FSSAI food license.

6. Therefore, obtaining FSSAI registration can lead to design standardization throughout all of your branches, including the kitchen of your food business and other back-end spaces.

Validity for FSSAI registration

FSSAI registration and licenses are issued for terms of no less than one year and no more than five years.

Applicants have 90 days before the deadline to file for FSSAI renewal.

A late fee of INR 100 per day must be paid by FBO in addition to the renewal amount in the event that a license renewal is not submitted until 90 days before the license expires.

If FBOs apply for FSSAI renewal between the first and 90th day following the day of expiration, they will be charged three times the original annual cost, and five times if they do so after the 90th day.

After 180 days from the initial expiration date, no renewal of is permitted.

To avoid a late renewal fee or cancellation, you can talk to our FSSAI legal expert to check the validity of your license.

Benefits of obtaining FSSAI registration or a license

As customers become more informed about food quality standards, they make sure that the food meets the FSSAI's guidelines.

If the company maintains compliance with the law, you can avoid any form of penalty.

An FBO with this license is seen by the public as being more in compliance with the laws put out by the government, which aids in more funding.

Having the FSSAI registration license would naturally improve the company's reputation and goodwill.

Various kinds of FSSAI registration types

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FSSAI registration Basic licences

For a basic FSSAI registration, small businesses or startups with an annual turnover of less than Rs. 12 lakhs may apply. The basic registration will need to be upgraded to a state licence as operations expand and turnover reaches Rs. 12 lakh bar. Since it is a very basic registration, as the name implies, a large business firm won't be able to use it.

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FSSAI registration State licence

Applying for a state Foscos registration is open to medium-sized businesses and startups with annual revenues between Rs. 12 lakh and Rs. 20 crore.

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FSSAI registration Central licence

Large companies can apply for Foscos Registration if their annual revenue exceeds 20 crore.

Documents Required for FSSAI License Renewal

ID proof

A valid photo ID proof, such as an Aadhar card or a voter ID card, can be used to identify the owners of food establishments.

Proof of possession of the Company premises

Proof of possession of the Company premises is also necessary, and include utility bills, a NOC from the landlord of the rented space, a leasing agreement, etc.

NOC from the health department

A NOC from the municipality or panchayat, a NOC from the health department, etc., as well as other supporting documents, including a copy of the manufacturer's license, are also required.

Certificate of business constitution

Certificate of business constitution, such as a partnership deed, certificate of incorporation proof, a license for a store or other establishment, or another certificate of business registration are also required.

Partners Proof

List of the directors, partners, and proprietors, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and IDs are also required.

Safety certificate of food

The applicant must present a certificate or safety food management system.

Nominee Name

Applicants shall submit the name of the nominee and the board resolution to the Company.

Form statement

The declaration/statement form must be submitted by applicants under the owner of the business.

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